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Construction Management

We are committed to your project  – and your best interests.

At its heart, construction management is a professional service that gives a project owner the benefit of effective management and oversight of their capital project, so that they do not have to assign the task to a less experienced in-house team. The construction management represents the owner’s interests and coordinates the activities of all parties involved, including the architect/engineer, and the general contractor.

What makes MHCM the right choice to be your construction manager?

The team at Mid Hudson Construction Management is uniquely qualified through years of experience and expertise in problem-solving, problem-prevention and complex planning, along with on-the job knowledge of construction methods. Our adherence to budget and timing lines has evolved from shepherding the most complicated projects through rigorous owner and regulatory requirements and emerging at the other end with a project that meets the owners expectations regarding quality, scope and function.

Why CM contracts will be more effective at meeting an owner’s goals

 In a construction management (CM) contract, the fee is established as a fixed amount or as a fixed percentage for the budget. The owner and the construction manger share an objective to get the best price, from the right architect, contractor or supplier, for the cost of the work. All parties work together to ensure the project’s success. This is why involvement of the construction manager at the pre-construction or design face is not only smart, it’s essential. 

Compare this to the lump sum general contractor (GC) bid system

Using this system, a set of completed drawings is used to establish a set price for the construction of the project. The general contractor is rewarded for being in project costs that are lower than the bid price. As a result, the GC’s goal becomes to construct the owner’s facility for the least cost possible, with no added benefit to the owner. In fact, it puts the owner and the GC on opposite sides and the general contractor spends as little upfront pre-construction time as possible, hoping to patch up problems at the end of the project through change-orders.

What drives our CM projects.

The benefits of having MHCM as your construction manager are numerous.  We use industry-standard practices to manage projects, added to decades of experience in the field. We are best equipped to control and predict successfully the schedule, cost, safety, functionality and scope of a project from start to finish. Ultimately, the best way to find out if MHCM would be a good fit for your needs and your project is to meet us. We are happy to talk through your project at any stage, just give us a call. We guarantee it will give you food for thought and peace of mind.

What people are saying

To say our customers are loyal is something of an understatement. We are loyal to them and they to us. That’s because time and again we’ve met their goals, their budgets and their timelines and the relationships have been positive and constructive. See what they have to say about MHCM.

Working with Mid Hudson Construction Management is such a pleasure! We have been fortunate enough to have over a 15-year relationship. Their attention to detail and creating a safe, enjoyable working atmosphere shows in all the projects they work on. Fossati Plumbing is…

Fossati Plumbing & Heating

Mid Hudson Construction Management has been our go to Construction Management Company for the past 5 years. From design concept to fit up and construction, MHCM met the specialized needs of the children, adults and staff supported by Abilities First, Inc. ...and the MHCM…


We have been working with MHCM for years and together we have completed many projects together. I am proud to be part of what they call their “A Team” of sub contractors.


Scott is one of the best general contracting foreman/Construction Managers that I have worked with. He is skilled at creating a work environment that allows all trades to work together effectively and his attention to detail is excellent.


I have had the privilege to work with Mid Hudson Construction Management on three commercial build-outs now. I have found them to be very knowledgeable, professional, extremely organized, and they do business with the utmost integrity. They are constantly learning the new…


    Partner with us on your next project.

    We treat every project as our own. Taking the extra time, meeting the needs of all stakeholders. Find out why our reputation for attention-to-detail is second to none. An hour or two spent with us can be illuminating, productive, and likely will save you from some costly mistakes. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your message. Thank you.

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