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Value Engineering

When Value Engineering is applied to construction, everyone benefits

At Mid Hudson Construction Management we take the view that there is almost always a different way, a better way and a way that can save time and money. We believe that true value engineering is not just a question of cutting costs, but instead to look at all options that can increase efficiency while decreasing costs.

Real costs, real time, real – and correct – decisions

In MHCM construction management contracts, we give owners access to actual costs.

Contrast this openness to a traditional hard bid project, where the General Contractor bills for an estimated percentage of completion for scheduled values of work.  This leaves the owner to judge whether the scheduled value of work as well as the estimated percentage of completion is accurate. The end result can be that the owner has to pay for work that may or may not be completed at that time. 

In a construction management contract, the owner only pays for costs that are actually incurred, much like you do in your own business. The burden is on the construction manager to provide the backup to substantiate costs and to the extent that backup cannot be provided; the Owner is not required to pay.

Meeting project goals, the best way possible 

At MHCM we use Value Engineering disciplines all through the construction process, but particularly in the early stages. The National Institute for Building Sciences defines value engineering as a conscious and explicit set of disciplined procedures designed to seek out optimum value for both initial and long-term investment. We use it to help avoid common pitfalls on any type of construction project:

  • Scope and design changes that may save money but cost time
  • Failure to see the potential hazards of a course of action
  • People getting worn out – of energy, ideas, or money, before the project is done

MHCM can identify barriers to success

The combination of MHCM’s pre-construction process and value engineering provides our clients with a clear, actionable analysis of risks, barriers, alternatives in design or materials, future maintenance costs, and project cost overruns. We help our customers get it right, first time. Ask us how we can help you.

What people are saying

To say our customers are loyal is something of an understatement. We are loyal to them and they to us. That’s because time and again we’ve met their goals, their budgets and their timelines and the relationships have been positive and constructive. See what they have to say about MHCM.

Working with Mid Hudson Construction Management is such a pleasure! We have been fortunate enough to have over a 15-year relationship. Their attention to detail and creating a safe, enjoyable working atmosphere shows in all the projects they work on. Fossati Plumbing is…

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We have been working with MHCM for years and together we have completed many projects together. I am proud to be part of what they call their “A Team” of sub contractors.


Scott is one of the best general contracting foreman/Construction Managers that I have worked with. He is skilled at creating a work environment that allows all trades to work together effectively and his attention to detail is excellent.


I have had the privilege to work with Mid Hudson Construction Management on three commercial build-outs now. I have found them to be very knowledgeable, professional, extremely organized, and they do business with the utmost integrity. They are constantly learning the new…


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