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Flory’s Service

Flamboyant retro styling of a PEMB with thoroughly modern safety priorities

Flory’s is a NYS-based family-owned business operating all-in-one gas stations, convenience stores and delis throughout the Hudson Valley. The family collaborated on designing a new premises that involved a highly creative use of a Pre Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) but with a large canopy, unique lighting and an appearance that attracts customers even though it is slightly set back off Route 9, Poughkeepsie, near the junction with US Route 84. MHCM were pleased to show how selecting a PEMB is not the final stage of a project but that it can be just the beginning of a creative construction. The top of the canopy is a sail which, until final placement, was vulnerable to gusts of wind and could have damaged the building exterior. MHCM poured concrete piers for columns and used spread footings to hold the sail in place.

The design was retro influenced and had unique props from a theatrical props company installed in the interior and exterior, such as a polar bear and a car inserted into the ceiling of the convenience store. The ground floor housed the gas station and the top floor has offices and storage. The job required special emphasis on safety – essential when installing gas tanks, pumps and explosion proof fittings. The finished product is outstanding both in looks and practicality and is a tribute to the management capabilities of MHCM who are especially adept at coordinating multiple subcontractors, craftspeople and keeping communications going to result in both a satisfactory finished product for the client and all participants on time and on budget.

  • Location Fishkill, NY
  • Client Flory’s Services East Fishkill
  • Architect Owners
  • Square Footage 9,200
  • MHCM Role Construction Management, General Contractor

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